Carcassonne to Homps

My running takes priority as usual so we are again on the move to get into Carcassonne for the weekend as I’ve registered for a 10K race at Narbonne Plage. After spending one night at Villesquelande where we help out a hire boater to get water as they have completely run out – we are repaid with a baguette and on our return from our morning exercise find two croissants  by our door – a nice surprise and treat.We hire a car in Carcassonne and do a huge shop for the heavy stuff and believe it or not buy much more water than alcohol – we have been enjoying – maybe that’s not the right expression exceptionally hot weather which results in us loosing our appetite and drinking copious amounts of water.

Chatting to an English runner before the race
Not everyone takes it so seriously!
Finishing line in sight!
A rose and a beer for finishing!

My run at Narbonne Plage is fun with 249 runners where I come 176th and 6th in my age category running in 53 minutes and 16 seconds – afterwards I learn its a qualifying race so most runners were looking for exceptional times.  Returning to Carcassonne we walk toward The Cité  finding a restaurant on the way with views of the castle. The menu is simple but tasty and the staff are incredibly friendly, we are surrounded by colourful trees in blossom  – only Charles would order a plate of chips as a starter which are lovely. Seem to be making a habit of eating out.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, eating, table and food
Lovely ……!

On Monday 26th June we enjoy a lovely 12 kilometre cruise (6 locks) to Trebés but end up watching in fear as the fast multiplying hire boats speed by – I’d swear they are breeding. We moor just before the port and decide to stay for two nights before setting off again on Wednesday travelling 22 k (13 locks) to La Redorte.

Lovely mooring in Trebes
Early morning sunshine

To leave Trebés we have to descend a triple lock which we share with a hire boat – I watch in trepidation a member of the crew jumps off the boat with rope in hand and then leans onto the boat to try and fasten the rope – the inevitable happens and he takes a dip fortunately not injuring himself except for denting his ego. On route we pass Lady Sue who are travelling in the same direction as us but at a slower pace.

Moored outside La Bonne Compagne – Charles birthday treat

Thursday is Charles birthday so we have booked a table at La Bonne Compagne in Homps. We enjoyed a meal here two years ago on our way down and we are not disappointed and have a lovely evening with Bluegum moored immediately in front of the restaurant – not far to stagger home. We also take an opportunity for a bit of wine tasting and end up buying a case or two. Homps was once a commercial port where barrels of menervois and corbiéres wine were loaded onto barges and taken to Bordeaux.

Cicada – ugly little chap!

We disscover a stowaway – a cicada. We’ve heard many but not seen one close up. In the recent heat they have been making a fantastic amount of noise in the trees and the swallows have had a real feast.  Then its a 16 k trip with 6 locks to Ventenac en-Minervoise where we find Lyneve moored up so enjoy a catch up over a glass or two with Lynn and Steve and of course Rolo who ensures he is the centre of attention. They also are heading north for winter so we think we may have company on our way up the Rhone.

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