Toulouse to Carcassonne

Monday the 19th we are off again and have a long trek of 34 k with 10 locks to arrive in Gardouch for the evening so we can be in Castelnaudary for Tuesday afternoon.

Lovely mooring at Gardouch
…and a well earned grande Leffe!

IMG_1648Whilst preparing one of the locks a large group of school children on a cycle ride with their teachers arrive and all sit down in a neat row to watch the activities – we get a round of applause so think we did okay. IMG_1646We arrive in Castelnaudary and are moored against Gesina. By the time we are roped up and have enjoyed a beer with Maggie and Ni we totally forget to visit Odile (the Capitainaire) and book into the port – but she forgives us.

Music Boat ‘Toumente’

The whole of France organise Musical Festivals on the 21st June Wednesday is incredibly hot and my morning run is probably the worse one I’ve ever done and I don’t feel great for the rest of the day so having  our entertainment across the canal on a barge called ‘Tourmente’ is a real bonus.

Entertaining from the deck

Maggie and I shed some tears as we say our goodbyes, we have been friends for a few years now and have always met up a few times along our travels but we are not sure when we will see each other again as they are staying down south as we move north – just soppy ladies….

Chatillon-en-Bazois where we first met Gesina in September 2014
Top lock of the 4 rise at Castelnuadary
Maggie and Tash arrive to say a final goodbye!
Au revoir Castelnaudary



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