Family and friends

It’s hard to believe we are already in June, no wonders I’m getting older so quickly!!! Time to slow things down and take things easy.

On the 1st June after a lovely run along the canal, we leave Valance d’Agen and cruise to Boé stopping just before lock no 31 for lunch only to find when we reach the lock itself  has broken down and there are a couple of boats moored up.  We don’t have to wait long and are just happy to while away the time. In Boé we moor up behind Celestia and its nice to say hello and catch up with Chris and Serena who we haven’t seen for some time.  They tell us they have put their boat on the market although they are in no hurry to sell her but quite fancy a narrow boat to explore the English canals – I must admit that some days I do miss the network of canals and working the locks ourselves but prefer the French climate – and the wine – and the cheese – oh and the chocolate…. so maybe we will just stay here.

Port d’Agen

On Friday we take the short cruise into Agen and wait for Charles sister Ann to arrive. She is working in Geneva at the moment. Unfortunately her flight is delayed so doesn’t arrive until Saturday around lunch time and at last we enjoy each others company and catch up on all the family news. The rain eventually dries up enough in the afternoon for us to enjoy a walk around Agen before returning to the boat for dinner.  On Sunday we take a stroll around the market and are very impressed with the stalls, lovely fresh fruit and veg. We struggle to find anywhere open for lunch and out of desperation book into the La Grande Brassiere next to the train station. We are not disappointed and enjoy a very nice lunch with a good choice of wine and fantastic profiteroles for me.  Too soon we have to say goodbye to Ann.

Charles and ‘little sis ..’

As its a sunny evening we decide to return to Boé as it is a quieter and pretty spot plus we were not happy when someone threw a stone at the boat in Agen – we find Celestia in the same place – cannot blame them for staying there. On Tuesday the 6th we move onto Valence d’Agen and on Thursday we arrive in Moissac.

Back in Moissac

We cannot say we are sorry not to be in the UK for the elections and are dismayed by the ensuing results but that is depressing so onto happier things. We are enjoying some fantastic weather and take a stroll to the River Tarn where we see a young man being stopped by the police for racing his motorbike along the canal but he nearly drives into me  causing me to jump out of his way – my main concern is of course my feet – cannot have them damaged!! I turn around to the police who witnessed it and they speed off to find him.

Bill and Winnie
Leigh and Kristie

On Saturday we invite Leigh and Kristie (Le Kaighoni) and Bill and Winnie (Gretige Henriette) over for drinks and are thankful for the sun canopy which provides much needed respite from the sun. After a few drinks Kristie and I think it a good idea for me to try paddle boarding. So on Sunday I hire one from the local boat hire and Kristie gives me a short tutorial before we are off – kneeling is fine but standing is another matter but I don’t fall in much to the disappointment of Charles and Leigh who are hoping for a shot of me taking a ducking. It is a lot of fun but tough on the old leg muscles.

On Sunday on our walk around to the bins we stop off for a chat with Bill and Winnie and end up taking a drink and being shown around their 1932 old dutch barge – its full of character and unlike most old barges was never a working boat.  We then pass by Le Kaighoni and have another drink with Kristie with Leigh making an appearance in between watching the Grand Prix – don’t think taking the rubbish out has ever taken so long but what a great way to do it.

We are quite sad to leave Moissac on Monday morning (12th) as we don’t know when we will be back again – I guess it will depend on how we like being further north – a big thank you to Jim and Sandra who look after the port and boaters brilliantly.

Mooring at …
….. Saint Porquier

We want to be in Toulouse for the Thursday so have long days staying overnight in St Porquier, wild mooring outside Montech and by Lock No 7 L’Her which was the noisiest place as it is next to a railway and work was being carried out late into the night.

Toulouse pleasure boat

We enjoy four nights in Toulouse and are really pleased to meet up with Henri and Marie Claude on Aroma. On Saturday evening after walking down a dodgy street Charles takes me to L’Ouverture a restaurant which unusually is veggie friendly.  Its very small with about 8 – 10 tables and the owner plays classical guitar.  We enjoy a lovely evening and also practice our French with our neighbouring table who want to practice their English.

Chef plays brilliant classical guitar
Happy birthday Sally
French neighbours

On Sunday we enjoy lunch at the Port Bistro and then relax on the deck with champagne to continue my birthday celebrations.

Sunday lunch in the port – Sally’s birthday continues!
Pompiers roasting a whole hog! Sally likes the summer uniform!


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