Trouble free to Montauban

On Thursday the 27th we leave Toulouse to cruise for 36 kilometers and work 12 locks – we don’t usually travel so far on canals but there really isn’t anywhere to moor on this stretch and as we have stayed at Dieupentale before and find it a peaceful place we head for there.


Neither of us are very pleased to see five boats non of which are in very good condition nor look as though anyone has been on them for quite a while taking up the full pontoon and part of the bank.

Boats taking over a public mooring

On our way into Montech on Friday morning we see Ian and Jill on jazz moored up by the lock so after a quick chat continue on our way into Montech and then later in the day walk back to have tea and cake with them. It’s lovely to catch and find them both looking well even though Jill broke her hip during the winter months, she appears to be recovering well and it won’t be long before she’s climbing those lock steps again. Charles and I then enjoy a fantastic meal at the Bistrot in the Port which I think may be even better than last year.

Leaving Montech
… and on to the Canal de Montech

On Saturday morning we enjoy a trip up The canal Montech with its nine locks and arrive in Montauban for lunch.

Canal de Montech is recently refurbished and locks are all automatic operated by a remote control


April: 161 kilometers and 67 locks


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