Party and Wedding Time

On the 1st April Laura and I drive down to Centre Parcs in Nottingham to join in the celebrations of Becky Ivans 30th birthday. There are 12 of us and we have lots of fun drinking, eating, playing badminton, crazy golf, ten pin bowling and enjoying the luxury of the spa.

Then its back to our new house which over the winter months we busily make homely sadly depleting our bank account in the same breath!!! We manage to catch up with friends, get hair cuts before we are off again to Settle to enjoy our grandson’s wedding on Saturday the 8th April. IMG_1079Kieran and Bobby have chosen The Falcon Manor and it is such a beautiful setting. Its a big family occasion with Daniel and Jonathon coming up from London, Matthew and Laura from Yorkshire, Simon, Joanne and all the kids, plus Damien and Sarah so we have a lot of fun together with seeing every one from the stag and hen do’s.  As expected lots of bubbles are consumed and I actually think that after two weekends of excess drinking it really is time to have a dry (ish) month. The weather is unexpectedly warm enabling us to make the most of sitting in the garden and of course I had to have a go in the bouncy castle although perhaps I am not entirely appropriately attired.

(Click on a photo for bigger version)

It is once again a flying visit with Daniel and Jonathan giving us lift down to London where after a meal we say our goodbyes before we head back to France on Monday morning (10th April) on the Eurostar to Avignon and then local trains across to Carcassonne.Image1

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