Maybo celebrations

On Thursday the 23rd June we pack the car up and head off down south for a night in a Premier Inn before taking the ferry over to Dunkirk. Unfortunately there are massive problems with the Ferry’s computer systems and without any information we are stuck in a queue in the Ferry terminal for a few hours before we are offered the earliest crossing to Calais which we accept and before long we are driving across France to Challon sur Marne to join in the celebrations of Maybo’s 20th anniversary – the company we last worked for before both retiring. We are staying in a local hotel together with some old friends (not friends that are old!!), Jo and Rhonda, Nicky and Doug, plus a couple we hadn’t met before Chris and his wife and all make our way to the Chateau de Mairy where the main party are staying.chateau_Nov_2011_018 Carol gives me a quick tour of the chateau which is a very interesting place, very rustic but with lots of nooks and crannies and heaps of character, a perfect setting for the celebrations. It is unfortunate that Derek who has worked for Maybo for ‘ever’ is not well enough to attend.  Aperitifs are on the go so its not long before we all join in and start catching up as its an age since we have seen everyone.  A hog roast has been organised – not my cup of tea but there is plenty to eat, even for a vegetarian in France!!

The wine flows, the time flies by and before long we are in a taxi heading back to the hotel after lots of talking, laughing and reminiscing. I also believe that I have agreed to take part in a charity triathlon with Jane and Nicky next year…………

Challon sur Marne
In search of a restaurant for lunch

IMG_0391On Saturday morning we have a leisurely breakfast with  the gang before walking into town for coffee with Bill and Jane and their American guests plus Mike and Eillene then find a lovely restaurant for  a late lunch.Saturday night is a formal occasion so we all dress up and make our way up to The Chateau for champagne and a lovely meal. Bill makes a super speech celebrating 20 years of Maybo. (Click on a photo for a bigger image)

I amaze myself by whooping Keith at pool – but I think he may have let me win. It is so lovely hearing what everyone is getting up to; Nic getting married (I think our invite must have got lost in the post) Richard living 6 months in Thailand and 6 months in Cape Town, Nick motorcycling all over Europe – too many things to mention but we have  a ball and enjoy ourselves so much – never realised how much I missed them all……..MayboJune2016

Sunday we have a long drive ahead so after breakfast we pack up say our goodbyes and head off down south to Toulouse and ‘Bluegum’.


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