Slower and slower

Monday (16th May) we decide it is time to move on primarily because we do not know how much water we have left in our tank; so cast off for a very slow journey of 6 kilometres and 3 locks to Negra where we have booked a spot for three days. Funny how having electricity and a water tap becomes quite the luxury.

4 metre deep lock at Negra

For reasons that are far too complicated for me I cannot use the washing machine when we are travelling so have to wait for us to either  have shore power or use ‘Jenny’ our  generator. It has been explained to me but to be honest I am not really interested in the technical stuff I just want my appliances to work….but what women wouldn’t????Negra is a nice spot and also a Locoboat hire base.  In the evening we take a walk to the village of Montesquieu-Lauragais but hadn’t realised we should have taken oxygen tanks with us to get us up the hill – we missed the clue from its name as Mont translates in French  to mountain.  Once we are able to breath again without fearing heart failure we take quite a brisk walk around the village which has the obligatory church (closed of course) and not one shop to its name.  There are remnants of a cafe/bar but looks like it has been closed for quite a while – probably few inhabitants left after tackling the hill!!!

Curious boat no 1: looks like something out of a Popeye cartoon!
Curious boat no 2: a ‘camping’ boat – solar powered electric outboards

It is a very peaceful spot and as we experiencing mercurial weather we stay another day and enjoy lots of cycle rides and of course my morning runs.  We take a ride to Montgiscard but have clocked the name so are not shocked when we find a sizable hill to cycle up – thank goodness for 21 gears which were all used to get us to the top.  We cycled around the closed church and find a bar to enjoy a beer – much deserved after all our effort.  Checking out the mooring by the lock we find two English widebeams moored up, one of the occupants has returned to the UK for a month and the other is aboard waiting til mid June to move on into Toulouse – I’m all right Jack comes to mind……It is unclear who monitors the boats who appear to put down roots along the canals but I think it would be useful to police it more vigilantly.

Quiet spot below the lock

Friday is turn around day so we  leave our mooring before all the hire boats return and travel less than 60 metres to moor just below the lock. As it is a bank holiday in the UK we decide to open a bottle of bubbles – to be honest any excuse would work and the sun is shining so why not?

More bubbles ….!

Michael and Joan Collins from Seattle as in the film Sleepless…. arrive for the evening and join us for sundowners.  It is their first day out on Juniper a shared ownership and they are looking forward to eight weeks of cruising.  Time passes and we invite them to share our bbq  enjoying a lovely evening together.

Sally chatting to Michael on Juniper




  1. That’s /Captain sunset/, the electric boat. Take care, when we met him last year at Aramon (and again at La Somail) he has difficulty in precise steering. I wonder how he gets on for power under the shade of the trees! Mags xx

  2. It sounds familiar. I was always disappointed when the churches were close, Spain is the same. One has to explore when the services are in progress, either just beforehand or after. Good to hear you’re keeping up the exercise. I’m hoping to get back on track once we move into our apartment. We took our bikes down at the weekend. Cycling from the villa where we are staying is a no no as we are right at the top of a steep hill – okay for cycling out but not coming back. We are getting closer to moving in, the builders start work on Friday – they were scheduled to begin next Monday, so that’s a good sign. Will be in touch. Love Joni

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