Running Back and Forth

It doesn’t feel long since we returned to France   but on Tuesday the 8th March we pack up and head off back to the UK to celebrate Damien and Sarah’s forthcoming wedding on Saturday the 12th March – we are, or should I say I am, becoming an expert at getting everything into two small cabin bags but I think my stuff takes up the majority of the two bags.  Once again we stay at Simon and Joanne’s with April generously giving up her room for us; well at least for a small rental fee!!! Simon and I run enjoy the York Parkrun on Saturday morning before we all get ready and set off for Crathorne Hall near Yarm which is a wonderful setting for a wedding.

The sun comes out and we all look fabulous in our smart outfits.  Sarah looks absolutely beautiful and we all have a fantastic time celebrating her marriage to Damien.  My only regret is that I didn’t arrange for Charles to be video’d trying to keep in step during the Céilidh Scottish Dancing – I never realised he has two left feet and absolutely no coordination but at least it is entertaining – it is possible that the consumption of wine may have impeded his sense of direction and possible mine for that matter. Amelie on the other hand took to it like a pro and there was no stopping her. All I can say about Kieran is that he is certainly enthusiastic and to a provide the reader with picture just imagine a grizzly bear that has disturbed a hive of bees. IMG_0951On Sunday Laura, Simon and I go for a 12 mile run in York.  Laura is taking her training for the Sheffield half marathon very seriously and we all have a lovely run – perhaps Laura doesn’t quite agree with that statement…..We catch up with Matthew and friends before flying back to France on Friday the 18th March.

Unfortunately I receive the sad news that my oldest friend Alison’s mother, Lynden, died in hospital on Monday morning so Charles manages to get me a flight back to the UK on the Wednesday so I can provide some support and help with the funeral arrangements.

Photo of Lynden taken just a couple of weeks before she died. A lovely lady!

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