Frenetic fortnight with family and friends

Tuesday the 5th May we set off early for Calais with the car laden and a promise that we will stop carrying stuff back and forth from the boat to our storage in Yorkshire, anyone would think they don’t have shops in France. Our first stop in the UK is to visit Bill and Jane who we haven’t seen for a few years.  It is nice to catch up socially and for Charles and Bill to have a bit of a business chat – a bit being the operative word.

On Wednesday we  stop off for lunch with Laurence and Lisa in Kiverton Park with a hope that we will manage a second visit when they take their narrow boat out in a week or so – unfortunately time runs out out and we didn’t manage to see them again on this visit.

We stay with Simon, Joanne and the gang for the first week then move across York to stay with Paul and Shirley for the second week. We enjoy lots of meals out catching up with friends including Heather and Maurice who tell us all about their January holiday to South Africa where we were originally going to join them; Carol and Nick; Alison; Sue and Chris but sadly missed out on seeing Karen and Mark. Packing to visit Damien and Sarah I ask Charles what we may be doing in the evening to help me pack for the night – oh nothing much : a bbq or take out perhaps- so I don’t pack anything.  We duly arrive and settle down for drinks in the garden when Damien tells us he has booked a table in a pub for 7.30.  I give Charles a surprised expression which broadens into bigger surprise when Damien says ‘Dad you told me to book a table at somewhere posh’.  Men!!! So there is only one thing for it; Sarah and I bob into Northallerton so I can buy a little dress and of course matching shoes and very pleased I am with my purchases. We have a lovely evening out hearing all about their wedding plans and the following day we drive to Pickering for its annual agricultural show before heading back to York.

:Paul's apt 60th birthday cake
:Paul’s apt 60th birthday cake

My brother Paul celebrates his 60th birthday this week which is rather worrying as I’m only 13 months behind him – so together with Shirley the four of us walk into York on Saturday night and have a lovely meal at The Star Inn in the City followed  the next day with a family bbq and a bit of a sing song – Shirley likes nothing better than to get the microphones out and encourage us all to join in and of course we all think we can sing after a few bevies. In between all this eating we see dentists, hairdressers and Charles consultant.  The latter providing positive news that his myasthenia gravis may be in remission and some of Charles medication has been reduced or stopped all together.

Simon finishes ....
Simon finishes ….
... with Sally hard on his heels!
… with Sally hard on his heels!

Oh  I nearly forgot Simon and  I run in the Leeds Half Marathon.  I was unreliably informed by my friend Leigh that the first four miles are up hill and the rest is a walk in the park – think she must have a short memory as the first six to seven miles are up hill and couldn’t agree that the rest is a walk in the park either.  Two hours 7 minutes and 27 seconds later I cross the finish line apparently completely ignoring lots of shouts of encouragement from the family – think I was so focussed on not falling over and afterwards have mixed feelings of elation, satisfaction and weariness.  Simon finishes in 1 hour and 50 minutes – a time I must try to aspire to.  Now the real training begins for the full marathon in October.  I have also entered the ballot for the London marathon in April 2016 and have secured a place  for the Paris one which is two weeks later!!!

Medal winners
Medal winners
... and proud kids!
… and proud kids!

We also get to spend time with Matthew and Laura and finally on our last night travel down to stay overnight with Daniel and Jonathan.

Wednesday 20th May (Laura will never forgive me for leaving on her birthday) Back to France for a rest……………………..

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  1. You deserve it! The rest that is! After doing all that running as well as the runnig around! Love Joni

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