Blue lights flash by us!

On Friday we head towards Pannecot and are passed  by a Fire Engine driving fast with flashing lights  – wow real excitement on the waterways; we or should I say I let my vivid imagination work wonders by speculating that a boat has sunk in the next lock with its occupants trapped, a fisherman falling into the canal or a car loosing control and sinking.  Charles reserved judgement…..  We arrive at lock No 24 at Anizy where we are forced to take an unscheduled stop and find the Pompiers dealing with a swarm of giant  killer wasps (that’s exactly what we were told but think this may be an over exageration due to translation issues)  having been disturbed by a grass cutting tractor – we are informed they are very dangerous so I send Charles to investigate and take pictures.  Curiosity gets the better of me and I go and join him and its all a bit of a damp squib – we can see a couple of fire officers in protective gear and a bit of smoke – well as they say there’s no smoke without a fireman!!!

Le Pompiers investigating their 'blues & Twos' emergency
Les Pompiers investigating their ‘blues & Twos’ emergency
Un Pompier in full protective suit - don't blame him!
Un Pompier in full protective suit – don’t blame him!

This must be one of the prettiest locks we have ever seen and the lady eclusiere who lives at the cottage has made a fantastic job of keeping it looking good. She also sells a range of produce from her garden – quite an entrepreneur!

A lovely ecluse
A lovely ecluse
Spot the mannequin!
Spot the mannequin!

We stay overnight enjoying the quiet peace of the mooring and head off first thing towards Cercy-le-Tour where there is the promise of civilisation in the form of shops. Alas, although the mooring is lovely and the electricity and water is free, the guide book is  a bit over ambitious and there seems to be only a boulangerie, boucherie and Tabac – although they are all near. There is also a Fete taking place in the camping ground opposite us so we have a wander over to find it is generally a Bricante (Flea Market) which seems to consist of stuff most of us would throw out! There are also food and drink stalls and a stage with a substantial sound system  – they are choosing ‘Miss Cercy-la-Tour’ this evening.

A huge 'Our Lady' statue overlooks the town
A huge ‘Our Lady’ statue overlooks the town

We wander back the the boat smiling and waving at the passing trip boats and listening to the rather mediocre entertainment. The evening is warm and we sit out on the deck – less  amused by the entertainment which has been ramped up a notch and accompanied by flashing disco lights as the sun begins to set. We move into the wheelhouse and close all the doors and windows – the music gets louder. We watch a film on the TV – the music is now booming across the water. We go to bed – surely it will stop a midnight … only half an hour to go! 12.30am?? no  … must be 1am … it pounds relentlessly on – now at full blast – until 2am!!!!

We wake up on Sunday morning – tired. But it is ‘croissant day’ so Charles nips over to the Boulangerie for fresh croissants and baguettes and we eat them on the now blissfully quiet deck with blackberry jam under a lovely blue sky promising another hot day.  We decide to take another walk around the fete in the hope that there may be more on offer but ‘no’ is the answer which is a good job as we are down to our last 50 euros – we are hoping we can last out until we return to the UK to replenish our euro stock as it has a better exchange rate there  but think we may have to succumb to a French ATM.  We enjoy an ice cream before heading back to the boat for a lazy afternoon. Sally cooks up a lovely evening dinner of steak, chips and cauliflower cheese (substitute tomato and onion omelette for ‘steak’ in Sally’s case) which we eat on a warm now quiet deck as the sun sets – washed down with a Cahors red. Does life get any better? (Have we said that before?!)

Late evening mooring at Cery-la-Tour
Late evening mooring at Cery-la-Tour


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