Ground Hog Day in Auxonne

Taking you back to Monday 23 June ..

Well those few days flew by and Charles returned without any delays on Monday evening. The good news is that his tests in hospital have not turned up anything untoward. I am wondering how long it will take for him to notice the changes I have made during his absence.  Predictable he noticed I had expanded the wine rack after finding a box with bits in down in the engine room  – oh shame we now need to buy more wine. Ready to leave Auxonne tomorrow!!

Tuesday morning  … I decide its now my turn to seek medical advice but have to wait until Wednesday for an appointment and then wait until Thursday morning to have a blood test.  It’s looking like the loss of eyebrows may be due to a new lotion or sun screen I am using – never thought of that just jumped straight in with a serious medical problem!!! Can you believe the results of the blood test are available 5 hours after being taken?  I was given a password and just went on line to see them, not that I really understood them – come on NHS get a grip, its at least a two week wait with them. Will we leave Auxonne on Thursday …?

No … We used the time hanging around Auxonne which we are getting to know pretty well to arrange for the new part to be fitted to the washing machine.  That turned out to be interesting as the washing machine man spoke very little English but we made ourselves understood and now we have a washing machine that doesn’t leak. We also tried to claim back the medical expenses which don’t half mount up and came to a stumbling block when we needed a French bank account to have the money transferred into.  We are sure that this could be done with our English bank account but our French is not good enough to argue the point.  But there is always a solution and our friends Carol and Nick who do have a French bank account kindly gave us there details – problem solved…. No not really because now the nice French lady wants tangible evidence of this bank account.  We have two options wait until we return to the UK or get our own French bank account – we are opting for the latter.  We will not be beaten!!! We have been proud owners of Bluegum for three whole weeks now and hardly left the place we bought her from for one reason or another.  Friday finally arrives and we say our good byes to set off into new waters.  What a good feeling it is, beautiful sunshine, massive stretches of water and very little boat traffic.  The end of ‘Ground Hog Day’ …!

Au revoir, Auxonne!
Au revoir, Auxonne!


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