1. Wow looks like your living the dream! We are so envious,and Bluegum looks amazing, enjoy! Sue & Rob (Bisham abbey)

  2. Hi there Rob and Sue, we have been wondering how you guys have been getting on. Did you get to Crick and have you found the boat for you yet. Please, please, please don’t leave it too long – I know we have been out here only a week but its the best thing we have done and you will love it. Get your boat, live your dream and keep in touch. ps the stuff we learned during the course with Roy was so worthwhile and has helped us so much so hopefully will be of use to you too.Sally n Charles xxx

    • Hi it’s good to hear from you and to know it’s all going well. We did go to Crick boat show and had a lovely day out but didn’t find our dream boat. We are going to Liverpool on Thursday 12/6 for theDBA Raleigh , should be good for further research and to do a bit of networking.
      We are even considering a narrow boat here in the UK to get some experience on the British waterways like you guys did , as your blog on this was very inspiring. What’s your thoughts on this ?

      Regards Sue & Rob xx

      • Hi Rob & Sue. It’s definitely something to consider. We had a great time on Ebony and it does give you a good feel for living in a confined space and also is agood confidence builder for handling a 50+ foot boat.(She’s still looking fofor a new owner at Whilton 😉 ). We have had a great time and the weather has been fabulous. It’s all a bit scary but everyone is so helpful. We’re back in the UK today for a week and then beck to France for the rest of the summer. Hope you enjoy the DBA rally. Keep in touch. Charles & Sally

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